The brand new fleet for this season

In 2001, we introduced the Volkswagen T4 Transporter into our fleet. It has seen incredible improvements over the years and we continue to use what is now the 4x4 Caravelle in our fleet today.

It’s a formidable vehicle, capable of carrying eight passengers in absolute comfortable. All are 4x4 and fully air-conditioned throughout and replaced at the beginning of each winter season.

3vt - 4x4 Volkswagen T5 Caravelle.

The Volkswagen Caravelle’s unrivalled comfort and reliability coupled with the highest standards of safety enable us to offer a service second to none. Their efficient 2.0L engine has a great deal of power but offers increased economy, allowing our constant drive to offer a more environmentally friendly product to go from strength to strength.

We realise that there are cheaper minibuses available but we're reluctant to compromise on either your safety or comfort in order to compete solely on price with other transfer companies operating in the area.

We simply offer the best value airport transfers available. Safe. Reliable. Professional.

Le Van Rouge.

We took your feedback on board and after using the cheaper Renault Trafic minibus in our shared transfer fleet for two years, we decided that it was not of a high enough standard for the level of service we like to offer.

Therefore, even for our budget, shared transfers, we will once again be operating 4x4 Volkswagen Caravelles, identical to those used in our private fleet. Le Van Rouge...!

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The large fleet of vehicles we operate enable us to cope extremely well should your flight be delayed or if we experience a higher than usual level of traffic on any particular day. There's often the unforeseeable situation where snow causes major disruption outside of the resort in the low lying towns.

Other companies operating either single vehicles or smaller fleets struggle to cope in these situations and can be forced to leave you waiting at the airport for your collection or, even worse, in resort when trying to catch your flight home.



It’s critical that we know exactly where our vehicles are whilst out on the road. More often than not, traffic within the region can be busy but fairly predictable. However, on occasion, it can cause potential issues en route to and from resort.

Our focus is always to ensure that your transfer runs as smoothly as possible. By tracking your vehicle, we can help steer you around the worst of the traffic and ensure that your driver is taking the best route possible.



Several years in the making, we now have a bespoke map of the region showing every single location we visit. At the time of writing, we have over 1400 pin drops and that number continues to rise as new hotels and chalets are built.

We found that locations listed on Google Maps were not always in the right place. However, by investing a great deal of resources into producing our own map, we can now ensure that your accommodation is accurate to the point at which we know exactly where the front door is.

In summary, your driver will know exactly where you are wanting to be collected from or dropped off at. All at the touch of a button from their vehicle.

Many of you in the UK will have seen on the BBC, the horrendous conditions experienced in both December 2014 and 2016 as many holiday makers were either leaving resort after their Christmas holiday or arriving for the New Year week. Admittedly, we did have some clients who had to reschedule their flights home but we were extremely proud in the fact that every single one of those in our care managed to get either to or from the airport safely that day.

Many other people spent the night in emergency accommodation but all of our customers were transported to their destinations in our large fleet of 4x4 vehicles.

It's easy to forget that when you're in the mountains, that the weather can change very quickly.

Having the knowledge that your driver is highly experienced in alpine conditions and your vehicle has 4x4 capability can be a great relief when travelling on icy roads.

The entirety of our new fleet of Caravelles are all 4x4 and fitted with snow tyres to get us effortlessly through the snow when the roads are covered. Each is fully air-conditioned. You're assured of a smart, clean and safe ride every time.

Unlike many agencies now offering transfers throughout the Alps, we do not subcontract any of our transfers to other transport companies. We can therefore guarantee your vehicle's quality and your driver's professionalism on every trip.

Recently, we also saw a huge investment in our child carrying capabilities. In association with Maxi-Cosi, we can now guarantee the best types of child and baby seats for every single one of your family's transfers. Having two small children of our own, we realise the importance for your child to be seated safely and securely whilst travelling.

Both forward or rear facing seats will be supplied at no extra charge. Click here to have a detailed look at the seats we can provide.

The vast majority of our employees return year after year, many have been with us for eight seasons or more. Their incredible experience in alpine driving simply enhances our impeccable safety record. Several have taken a RoSPA Advanced Driving qualification to boost their skills still further. Your safety is our priority.

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